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Computes Fuel Mileage for AMSOIL users and gives the estimated reduced mileage figures for this vehicle if using petroleum lubricants

Non AMSOIL users:
use this Fuel Mileage Calculator

This calculator will compute your Miles Per Gallon and forecast your gasoline expense for one month and for one year. It also allows you to see how more much money you would spend on fuel if you were using petroleum lubes.

Begin Odometer Reading End Odometer Reading
Gallons of Fuel Used Gas Cost Per Gallon
Miles Driven Daily
Calculations Posted Below:
Miles Per Gallon (MPG) Gas Expense Per Month Gas Expense Per Year
5% Lower MPG
Using Petroleum
Gas Expense Per Month
Using Petroleum
Gas Expense Per Year
Using Petroleum

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Tips For Improving Fuel Mileage

A lot of AMSOIL users have called or e-mailed me to complain about the 5% better mileage figure using AMSOIL stating that they personally got better than 5% better mileage. The reason for the 5% figure is that not everyone will get the highest MPG increase after switching to AMSOIL depending on the vehicle and manner of driving. Therefore I used the lower figure as a guide and realize that everyone's results will vary.
AN January 12, 2005 12:45 PM

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