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April 27, 2010

These are videos of club projects. We've not been making a lot of videos favoring still photos. However, still photos don't do these cells justice. Seeing a dry cell in operation makes you realize how productive they are. Hopefully these videos can bring the operation and installation of these cell to life for everyone and make things seem more real.

Video Demonstrating The Alternating Pulse System For Dry Cells:
Right click on selected link below and select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" from the menu to save in a folder in your computer. Video runs 6 minutes & 27 seconds.
Video 1 AC to DC Alternating Pulse Video - Faster Download (9.3 MB)
Video 2 AC to DC Alternating Pulse Video - Higher Quality (27.5 MB)

Videos showing the effect of Vacuum on Electrolysis: Does atmospheric pressure or vacuum affect the production of HHO?
Right click on selected link below and select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" from the menu to save in a folder in your computer. Video runs 19 minutes & 3 seconds.
Video 1 Electrolysis and Vacuum (28.5 MB - approx. 1 1/2 minute download on high speed connection)
Video 2 Electrolysis and Vacuum (241 MB - huge download)

Separator Cell Installation on a Toyota Supra (7-27-2011)

This is Lyman's Toyota Supra with the Separator Dry Cell he installed. Outstanding installation in preparation for road testing the new design dry cell.

Separator Cell Test Run 6-27-2011

This test run of the separator cell went extremely well. This cell produces hydrogen and oxygen separately from different valves. In this manner the gases remain separate and allow the use of only hydrogen for use in EFI cars. This cell has been run extremely hard and has held up well. Test using phosphoric acid and Potassium Hydroxide have not yielded good results, so this cell has been running on Sodium Hydroxide.

304 Stainless Dry Cell Shows Off New Life! 4-27-2010

The 304 stainless dry cell has been set up to show off what it's capable of. Running at 12.2 volts and 10-11 amps this cell really blows out the HHO. Remember, the 12 amp battery charger connected to the 12 volt car battery has the switch set to the "2 amp" trickle charge position. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've heard a "Wow!" after firing this sucker up! Crazy production, and this is the old dinosaur cell no one wants!

GEET System VW Beetle Update 4-2-2010

This video shows the improvements made in the GEET system of my 67 VW Beetle. I didn't get the 100+ MPG most claim the GEET system could provide, but mileage improvements are substantial at 50+ MPG at 70 MPH. I've learned a lot and can improve on the next GEET reactor I build.

4 Cell Dry Cell & GEET System VW Beetle

This video shows and demonstrates the HHO and GEET systems on the 67 VW Beetle.

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