The numbers in this calculation were based on 1998 data on Domestic Motor Fuel Consumption by Type of Vehicle, 1970-1998.* 1998 was most recent year for complete data, but each succeeding year has seen an increase in these numbers, so it can be postulated that the numbers would actually be higher.

Domestic Fuel Consumption Data
Fuel Consumption, All Cars

72 billion gallons

2% OF 72 BILLION = 1.44 Billion gallons of fuel consumed
5% OF 72 BILLION = 3.66 Billion gallons of fuel consumed
Average miles per gallon: 21.4 miles per gallon
at 2% = 30.8 billion miles (1.44 x 21.4)
at 5% = 78.3 billion miles (3.66 x 21.4)
How far is 30.8 billion miles?
DISTANCE TO SUN 93 million miles
Round Trip 186 million miles
To Sun & Back = 165 round trips if fuel use is reduced 2%
  420 round trips if fuel use is reduced 5%
DISTANCE TO MOON 238,857 miles
Round Trip = 477,714 miles
Trips to Moon and back = 64,473 round trips if fuel use is reduced 2%
  163,000 round trips if fuel use is reduced 5%

Fuel Consumption, All Trucks 30.8 billion gallons
Documented fuel savings by switching to AMSOIL lubricants in engine and throughout drivetrain = 8.2%
8.2% OF 30.8 BILLION = 2.52 BILLION Gallons

Fuel usage, average miles per gallon for over the road trucks = 6.4 mpg

2.52 billion gallons @ 6.4 miles per gallon = 16.128 billion miles that U.S. trucks would be able to travel on the fuel saved by switching to AMSOIL.

This equates to 86 trips to the sun and back.
(16.128 billion divided by 186 million) 
Or 33,760 trips to the moon and back. 
(16.128 billion divided by 477,714)


* p. 640, U.S. Census Bureau, Statistical Abstract of the United States, 2000

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